Mike Staffan

Lighthouse Sound and Communications LLC

From  humble beginnings in 1999 ​​Lighthouse Sound & Communication was  born out of the desire to serve it's customer by listening and  understanding there needs first before selling or servicing anything.   Our vision has and always will be to meet the needs of the customer  first.  Sometimes that even means referring those customers to another  company if we cannot meet those needs,  but when that customer does need  product or services we feel they will look to us to meet those needs. ​

​Lighthouse Sound and Communications LLC


The  principal operator is Mike Staffan.  Mike is a 30 year plus veteran of  the audio visual field with a degree in Electrical Engineering  Technology.  

From  the early days of troubleshooting televisions,  16mm projectors,  and video tape recorders to commercial audio equipment such as public  address, pro audio equipment and clock system in the school marketplace.

Personally Mike has been married for 30 years to Deana and has two adult children Rebecca and Daniel.